Favourites in Kitzbühel

Beat Feuz (SUI) took his first victory in Kitzbühel in the Downhill on Friday (substitute for Wengen DH), and his second in the Kitzbühel Downhill on Sunday. The Super-G on Monday became the first Kitzbühel victory for Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT). Photo from FIS.

The Downhill on Friday, which substituted one of the cancelled Downhill races in Wengen, was a race in good conditions until it had to be interrupted after racer number 30 because of wind. The traditional Kitzbühel Downhill on Saturday had to be delayed till Sunday because of heavy snowfall, but thanks to a tremendous effort from the course working force it was possible to have a very good Downhill on Sunday and a Super-G on Monday. All the races went without audience like everywhere else.

Matthias Meyer (AUT) managed to be on the podium in all three races in Kitzbühel, Dominic Paris (ITA) was back in third place on Friday and the French veteran Johan Clarey came in second on Sunday. One of the combattants for the total Globe, Marco Odermatt (SUI) was second in the Super-G.

For the Norwegian team, reduced because of injuries, this was not a good weekend. However, Henrik Røa got his first World Cup points with a very good race on Sunday, taking place number 16.

Kitz Henrik Røa

Photo from TV2: Henrik Røa in the Finish.