Val Gardena fighting fog and snow

The Val Gardena organizer managed to complete the Super-G on Friday December 20, despite problems with fog. And the favourites seized the chance to enter the podium, with Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT) on top and Kjetil Jansrud (NOR) on second and Thomas Dressen (GER) on third place. Photo from Dagbladet showing Kjetil Jansrud.

Val Gardena once again showed to be a good arena for the Norwegians with Kilde number 7, Sejersted 15, Saugestad 25 and Windingstad 30.

On Saturday December 21st, however, the foggy and snowy weather made it impossible to do a Downhill race. We are sure that the fastest on the DH training on Thursday, Kjetil Jansrud, and last year's winner Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, were disappointed that the race could not go as scheduled.