Italy celebrates in Kvitfjell

March 2nd 2019 came to be a day for celebration for Italy in Kvitfjell with Dominik Paris winning the Downhill and Werner Heel doing his last race in the World Cup.
Photo: Terje Bendiksby, Scanpix.

Werner Heel, who took his first WC victory in  Downhill in Kvitfjell 29.02.2008, today 02.03.2019 made his last apparition in the World Cup in the Downhill race in Kvitfjell. This was celebrated by thousands of spectators during a special two-minute break in the race in Kvitfjell , and of course the Italian team honoured Werner Heel after the race.

The Italian team could also celebrate Dominik Paris' impressive victory in today's race. 









Photo: Allesandro Trovati, Scanpix